STANCE Snowboard Film

By combining forces with the industry’s best brands and riders our aim is not only to create the most innovative female snowboarding film to date, but to start a larger initiative to push snowboarding’s creative and cinematic boundaries. With Jmills Ent as an avenue for professional athletes and media artists to express themselves to their full potential, new ground can be covered.
STANCE will be a platform that shredders, core and recreational alike, are excited to take part in. You know your STANCE—now come take a look at ours.

  • Snowboarder: Gretchen Bleiler, Hana Beaman, Kimmy Fasani, Lisa Filzmoser, Jenny Jones, Torah Bright, Raewyn Reid
  • Director, D.P., Editor: Jeremy Miller
  • Producer: Stan Evans
  • Motion, Assistant Editor: Ian Rigby
  • Additional Cinematography: Justin Turkowski, Ian Rigby

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